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It’s finally summer, which means there is no limit to the amount of TV you’re willing to watch. There are new shows filled with hearty comedy and twists of action and thrill, and of course we welcome back returning summer series. These shows are full with awesome music (and of course, entertainment) that will keep you happily mused through all of these sunny days and warm evenings.

So, kick off your shoes, pour yourself a drink, watch and of course listen to these!

2013 Summer TV (in order of air date)

The Killing, Season 3

  • (Thomas Golubic)

Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Season 8

  • (Jonathan Weiss)

The Fosters, Season 1

  • (Wendy Levy)

Mistresses, Season 1

  • (Season Kent)

Teen Wolf, Season 3

  • (Laura Webb)

Burn Notice, Season 7

  • (Robin Urdang)

Graceland, Season 1

  • (Liza Richardson)

Falling Skies, Season 3

  • (P.J. Bloom)

Switched at Birth, Season 2

  • (Wendy Levy)

King & Maxwell, Season 1

  • (Mark Wike)

Pretty Little Liars, Season 4

  • (Christophere Mollere)

Twisted, Season 1

  • (Liza Richardson)

Royal Pains, Season 5

  • (Oliver Hild)

Necessary Roughness, Season 3

  • (Nora Felder)

Magic City, Season 2

  • (Linda Cohen) (Janine Scalise)

True Blood, Season 6

  • (Gary Calamar)

Franklin & Bash, Season 3

  • (Kevin J. Edelman)

666 Park Avenue, Season 2

  • (Billy Gottlieb)

Drop Dead Diva, Season 5

  • (Libby Umstead)

Under the Dome, Season 1

  • (Ann Kline)

Cult, Season 1: Airs June 28th

  • (Brittany Whyte)

Do No Harm, Season 1: Airs June 29th

  • (Madonna Wade-Reed)

Dexter, Season 8: Airs June 30th

  • (Gary Calamar)

The Bridge, Season 1: Airs July 10th

  • (John Bissell)

The Newsroom, Season 2: Airs July 14th

  • (Evyen Klean)

Covert Affairs, Season 4: Airs July 16th

  • (Stacy Wallen-McCarthy)

Suits, Season 3: Airs July 16th

  • (Oliver Hild) (Stacy Wallen-McCarthy)

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