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GMS 2018 Conference - First Programming Announcement!

The Guild of Music Supervisors has announced a first wave of programming for the 4th Annual Guild Of Music Supervisors ‘State of Music in Media’ Conference to be held on the USC campus on Saturday, September 15, 2018.

Tickets are available now (LINK). Early bird pricing is $299 (a $100 savings) until August 15th. Special pricing exists for students and Friends of the Guild, and GMS Members can attend free.

The following three panels are the first to be confirmed:

SYNCH WARS: A live battle between Licensors & Licensees!

- Randall Wixen - Chris Lakey - Anton Monsted - John Houlihan -

A team of 2 Top Licensors challenge a team of 2 Top Licensees in a mock battle over 4 song clearance negotiations. The Moderator will throw curve balls covering issues such as artist approval, low license fees, out of context trailer rights, soundtrack album rights and "direct license" requests as the audience gauges which strategies work and which fall flat. This fun and lively negotiation will inform all stakeholders in the synch world and reveal how leverage works for both sides.


- Whitney Pilzer - Evelin Garcia - Justin Kamps - Garrett McElver -

Behind every great music supervisor there is often an invaluable music coordinator. What do Music Coordinators actually do? Join our conversation with current music coordinators who work on prominent Film, Television, and Trailer projects, as they explain their crucial role and how it transitions into music supervision roles. Together they’ll discuss tips for breaking into the industry and how music coordinators elevate the success and craft of music supervision.


- Neville Johnson - Amine Ramer - Joe Berman - Shauna Krikorian - Jeff Gray -

This third edition of our ‘Music Clearance Fundamentals’ series is geared toward fledgling music supervisors and students looking to explore the profession. This presentation will outline the nuts and bolts of music clearance, offering tips on smart strategy, the best information resources, the roles of performance royalty organizations, the need for cultivating relationships with clearance reps at labels and publishers and many more important lessons in how to get music cleared for your projects.

For more information on our 2018 panelists visit:

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