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Canada joins U.S., UK and Europe with an affiliate Chapter.

Back row (L to R): Michael Perlmutter, Velma Barkwell, Tammy Egan, John Rowley, Dondrea Erauw, Garrett McElver (U.S. Guild Member), Jody Colero

Front row (L to R): David Hayman, Amy Fritz, Mikaila Simmons

June 13, 2017 (Toronto) – The Guild of Music Supervisors, a non-profit organization that promotes the craft of Music Supervision, today announced the creation of its Canadian Chapter. Michael A. Perlmutter, Owner of Instinct Entertainment and 20-year Music Supervisor veteran was appointed as President of the new Chapter.

This new Chapter was established to create awareness of the increasingly significant role music supervision has in the production of all film, television, gaming and new media industries in Canada. In addition, it will work to educate and create community among emerging supervisors, and to share knowledge with colleagues in Canada to foster solutions to industry challenges and changing landscapes.

“The recent news that the Emmys will now be recognizing Music Supervisors with an ‘Outstanding Music Supervision’ category is indicative of how much our industry has grown over the past decade,” said Michael A. Perlmutter, President, Guild of Music Supervisors, Canada. “That growth has been exponential in Canada and it was definitely the right time to band together to form our own Chapter. We are looking forward to offering our clients the best creative and administrative services possible as well as introducing educational programs for emerging supervisors and for the entire ‘filmed media’ industry.”

“We’re excited that our colleagues have come together to address the critical issues of being a Canadian Music Supervisor and develop their unique version of the profession,” said John Houlihan, President, Guild Of Music Supervisors, U.S. “It is amazing to see such great involvement from Music Supervisors across Canada and we look forward to the creative achievements and developments of our craft that are certain to occur.”

Joining Perlmutter as officers of the Canadian Guild are co-Vice Presidents David Hayman (Supergroup Sonic Branding Co., Toronto) and Natasha Duprey (Silent Joe, Vancouver).

Guild of Music Supervisors, Canada (alphabetical order):

Amy Fritz, Christine Leslie, Cody Partridge, David Hayman, Dondrea Erauw, Gavin Alexander, Heather Gardner, Jody Colero, John Rowley, Marco Difelice, Michael Perlmutter, Mikaila Simmons, Natasha Duprey, Scotty Taylor, Sean Hamilton, Sebastian Lepine, Tammy Egan, Velma Barkwell

About Guild of Music Supervisors

The Guild of Music Supervisors is a non-profit organization with the mission to promote the craft of Music Supervision for the mutual benefit of all media stakeholders in film, television, games, advertising, trailers and emerging media. The Guild provides an environment in which the knowledge, resources, and skills specific to music supervision are expanded and shared as a means to sustain the highest level of professionalism and evolve the collective expertise.

Media contact:

Jennifer Rashwan

Touchwood PR


Guild of Music Supervisors, Canada:

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