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(VARIETY) ‘Compton,’ ‘Carol,’ ‘Furious 7’ Win at Music Supervisors Awards

The Guild of Music Supervisors proved not too white with such fare as “Straight Outta Compton,” “Empire” and “Bessie” — all chronicling the African-American experience through music — claiming top honors Thursday night at the Theater at Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

The sixth annual affair, each more widely attended than the last — the Ace’s reconstituted ’20s-era gothic movie palace being its most lavish venue yet — represented another display of camaraderie between this coterie of gatekeepers, curators and rights procurers, and the studio and network music heads, publishers, composers, songwriters and their handlers who court their favors.

As one presenter said, “a meaningful synch can break a band,” hinting at stakes involved for emerging artists.

A swinging jazz trio in the lobby prior to the ceremony gave an analog charm to the proceedings while performers during included Andra Day (song nominee for “Meru”).

In addition to “Compton” in the over $25 million budget category for features, the supervisors for “Carol” (under $25 million), “Diary of a Teenage Girl” (under $5 million) and “The Wrecking Crew” (documentary), which won, surprisingly, over the music for Oscar nominee “Amy,” also claimed best-of in their categories.

In the TV realm, beyond Empire” (musical or comedy) and “Bessie” (limited series or movie), “Narcos” (TV drama), “The Voice” (docu series or reality) and the song “You’re So Beautiful” from “Empire” were rewarded. That song category, won by Jussie Smollet among others for the tune “You’re So Beautiful,” was introduced this year for the first time.

Chris Montan, the president of Walt Disney Music who played a principal role in the soundtracks for such animated blockbusters as “The Little Mermaid” and “Toy Story,” received the Guild’s first Legacy Award, saying “to get an award from people who actually do what you do means a lot to me.”

He added that his first movie was with Martin Scorsese on “The Color of Money” with such musical talent as Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler.

Presenters included Rebel Wilson, Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh, Junkie XL, supervisors Tracy McKnight and Thomas Golubic, and Guild president John Houlihan.

Randall Poster, who didn’t show, Howard Paar (thrice nominated) and Rachel Levy were among the actual awards recipients.

The following is a complete list of Guild of Music Supervisors award winners:

BEST MUSIC SUPERVISION – FILM OVER 25 MILLION “Straight Outta Compton” – Music Supervisor – Jojo Villanueva

BEST MUSIC SUPERVISION – FILM UNDER 25 MILLION “Carol” – Music Supervisor – Randall Poster

BEST MUSIC SUPERVISION – FILM UNDER 5 MILLION “The Diary Of A Teenage Girl” – Music Supervisor – Howard Paar

BEST MUSIC SUPERVISION – DOCUMENTARY “The Wrecking Crew”- Music Supervisors – Julie Houlihan, Micki Stern, Suzanne Coffman

BEST SONG/RECORDING CREATED FOR A FILM “See You Again” from “Furious 7” (DJ Frank E, Charlie Puth, Wiz Khalifa and Andrew Cedar; Performed by Wiz Khalifa


BEST MUSIC SUPERVISION – TELEVISION DRAMA “Narcos” — Season 1 – Music Supervisor – Liza Richardson

BEST MUSIC SUPERVISION – TELEVISION MUSICAL OR COMEDY “Empire” — Season 1 – Music Supervisor – Jen Ross & Dave Jordan

BEST MUSIC SUPERVISION – DOCUSERIES OR REALITY TELEVISION “The Voice” — Season 8 – Music Supervision – Clyde Lieberman & Jill Meyers

BEST MUSIC SUPERVISION – TELEVISION LIMITED SERIES OR MOVIE “Bessie” – Music Supervisors – Evyen Klean & Jennifer Reeve

BEST ORIGINAL SONG/RECORDING CREATED FOR TELEVISION “You’re So Beautiful” by Jussie Smollet by “Empire” (FOX) – Music Supervisors: Jen Ross & Dave Jordan

BEST MUSIC SUPERVISION – TRAILERS “Steve Jobs” (Trailer #2) – Maura Duvall Griffin, Ali Pistoresi – Motive “Suicide Squad” (Comic Con First Look Trailer) – Bobby Gumm – Trailer Park

BEST MUSIC SUPERVISION IN A VIDEO GAME “Star Wars: Battlefront” (Steve Schnur – EA)




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