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Brian Reitzell talks with WWNO about finding the perfect mix of music to his work on films. Reitzell has been the music supervisor and composed for dozens of iconic movies and TV shows. He often prefers to start working in films before it is shot. With ‘Lost In Translation,’ which was his third film, second movie with Sophia, she was still writing the script and fine-tuning it. Reitzell made her two mix CDs and she was listening to it while she was location scouting in Tokyo. The cinematographer was listening to it along as the actors, everybody was kind of getting into the sound world that he thought was just right for the film. Sophia and Reitzell have this sort of chemistry to where, in the end, 80 percent of the music in that film came from those two mixes. Reitzell also expresses how he like using records. “I used to spin – ’cause this is before iTunes. You know, nowadays, if you’re a music supervisor, you can type in final kiss, Japan, Tokyo street or, you know, whatever it is and something will come up. And I don’t like that.”

To listen to the full interview click here

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