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Showtime’s “Entourage meets The Black Donnellys meets Scandal” drama is back. Ray Donovan returns for a second season of blood, Boston accents and buried childhood trauma. Ray Donovan, the Hollywood fixer in the show by the same name, is going to be preoccupied for a time fixing his family – and himself. That was where season one ended and season two picks up, in this Showtime series of intermittent appeal, where Liev Schreiber’s taciturn leading man is frequently eclipsed by the raging id that is his ex-con father, played with unrestrained gusto by Jon Voight. Several cast additions enliven the show, but the dark turn into priestly abuse and revenge has left the series toting excess baggage – and not just a baseball bat – in these opening frames. Tune in to Showtime at 9pm et/pt to watch Ray Donovan music supervised by Thomas Golubic!

For the full review of Season click here

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