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Today is Independence Day, a time to celebrate everything it means to be American. But what does it mean to be patriotic? This the primary question “Born on the Fourth of July” tries to answer, and it does in a convincing way. Based on a true story, the 1989 movie focuses on Ron Kovic (Tom Cruise), a Marine veteran paralyzed from the chest down during the Vietnam War. The story targets his struggles after coming home, where he feels marginalized by the American public. Kovic ultimately transforms into an anti-war activist. Music supervisor is Budd Carr.“Born on the Fourth of July” is a fantastic movie with a different take on what it means to be American and even better soundtrack!

1. A Hard Rain’s a Gonna Fall – Edie Brickell/New Bohemians

2. Born On The Bayou – Broken Homes

3. Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison

4. American Pie – Don McLean

5. My Girl – Temptations

6. Soldier Boy – Shirelles

7. Venus – Frankie Avalon

8. Moon River – Henry Mancini

9. Prologue – John Williams

10. The Early Days, Massapequa – John Williams

11. The Shooting Of Wilson – John Williams

12. Cua Viet River, Vietnam – John Williams

13. Homecoming – John Williams

14. Born On The Fourth Of July – John Williams

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