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Reitzell is a rare commodity in Hollywood in that he both composes original scores and is hired to choose the licensed music used in films. He’s written music for all of Coppola’s movies, as well as for the directors Gus Van Sant and Marc Forster, in addition to TV series like NBC’s “Hannibal.” “Auto Music” the first non-soundtrack work he’s put out under his own name since commencing his film-music career as the music supervisor of Sofia Coppola’s 1999 directorial debut, “The Virgin Suicides.” “Auto Music” also had a significant gestation period; Reitzell began working on it a decade ago. “I don’t even think of this as a solo record,” Reitzell says. “I love collaborating because I come from the world of being in bands. But those weren’t my bands, and most of what I’ve done since has been set to picture. ‘Auto Music’ was an opportunity for me to liberate myself from that.”

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