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Over the past two weeks we’ve pulled together a collection of songs that were personal favorites of Guild members from the year that was. It should come as no surprise that we have an extremely eclectic list! Supes are experts at digging for that perfect thematic harmony. Few (if any) professions require one’s finger to be so squarely on the pulse of current music to such a degree. May this genre-bending playlist serve as the proverbial soundtrack to your holiday season! Dondi Bastone “Advanced Falconry” by Mutual Benefit “Down To Go” by Phosphorescent

Michael Sherwood “Bad Kingdom” by Moderat “Hidden Xs” by Fuck Buttons

Nicole Churchill “My Number” by Foals

Gary Calamar “Song For Zula” by Phospherescent “I’d Rather Be High” by David Bowie

Abby North “Start Again” by Arora “Rounder” by Fever The Ghos

Amine Ramer “I’m Still A Serious Guy” by John Wizards “Want somebody” by William Arcane

Julia Michels “Pumpin Blood” by NONONO “Hard Out Here” by Lily Allen

Paul Antonelli “Beautiful Pain” by Keaton Simons “Something More” by Bonnie Dune

Jeff Gray “Problem” by Nova Rockafeller “Recover” by Chvrches

Season Kent, who couldn’t bear to select just two (& that’s perfectly okay) “Song for Zula” by Phosphorescent “Retrograde” by James Blake “Days Are Gone” by Haim “Hold On We’re Going Home” by Drake “Unbelievers” by Vampire Weekend “Doin’ It Right” – Daft Punk

Mike Dobson “It’s You” by Cable Car “All I’ve Been Waiting For” by Luce

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