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The NFL season is winding down! Today’s #tbt playlist showcases music selections from the best football-themed films.

The Replacements

Supe: Maureen Crowe

Bust A Move by Young MC

The Waterboy

Supe: Michael Dilbeck

Peace Frog by The Doors

Any Given Sunday

Supe: Budd Carr

Paranoid by Black Sabbath

The Blind Side

Supe: Julia Michels

Unsure Dance by Dave Brubeck

Varsity Blues

Supe: G. Marq Roswell

My Hero by Foo Fighters

The Express

Supe: Peter Afterman & Margaret Yen

What’d I Say by Ray Charles

Two For the Money

Supe: John Houlihan

Pusherman by Curtis Mayfield

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