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Well, the nominations for this years Emmy’s are out and we could not be more impressed! It has been a great year for television, with more plot twists and entertaining grasps than ever before. Even though the music supervisors do not have their own category under Emmy nominations (yet) we would like to acknowledge their presence! The supervisors put together an amazing soundtrack for each of these shows. So, good luck to all the candidates and keep up the good work supervisors! Tune in Sunday, September 22 to see the results.

Emmy Nominated Shows with Music Supervisors

Breaking Bad (AMC) – Thomas Golubic

The Newsroom (HBO) – Evyen Klean

Mad Men (AMC) – Alexandra Patsavas

Homeland (Showtime) – Kevin J. Edelman

Nashville (ABC) – Frankie Pine

Bates Motel (A&E) – Kerri K. Drootin

Scandal (ABC) – Jennifer Barak

Girls (HBO) – Manish Raval & Tom Wolfe

Veep (HBO) - Evyen Klean

Enlightened (HBO) – Janet Lopez

Parks and Recreation (NBC) - Kerri K. Drootin

Nurse Jackie (Showtime) – Michael Hill

Glee (FOX) – P.J. Bloom

Game of Thrones (HBO) - Evyen Klean

The Good Wife (CBS) – Tricia Halloran

Behind the Candelabra (HBO) - Evyen Klean

The Girl (HBO) – Joe Rudge

Parade’s End (HBO) – Maggie Rodford

Phil Spector (HBO) - Evyen Klean

American Horror Story (FOX) -P.J. Bloom

The Big C (Showtime) - Tricia Halloran

American Idol (FOX) – Robin Kaye

Project Runway (Bravo) – Dave Stone

So You Think You Can Dance (FOX) – Shafton Gabb & Nancy Severinson

Top Chef (Bravo) – Carrie Hughes

The Americans (FOX) – P.J. Bloom, Heather Guibert & Janice Ginsberg

Shameless (Showtime) – Ann Kline

The Office (NBC) - Kerri K. Drootin

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