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NARIP announces three events with two top music supervisors *Andrea von Foerster* and *Chris Mollere* in London in November:

- Nov 15: How To Pitch, Market & License Music For Film & TV with von Foerster, Mollere (panel discussion) - Nov 17: NARIP Music Supervisor Session #1 with Andrea von Foerster (limited enrollment pitch session) - Nov 17: NARIP Music Supervisor Session #2 with Chris Mollere (limited enrollment pitch session)

Representing the best and brightest in music supervision, these two seasoned execs are prolific users of music who select, commission and place music for films and television shows broadcast around the world.

Come meet these career-makers in London in November!

NARIP Music Supervisor Sessions have been a hit in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Berlin.

Why? Because participants’ music is heard and they receive immediate feedback.

The result? Placements! Since these sessions launched in April 2011, participants have enjoyed placements in True Blood and Dexter, with more placements pending.

“We have created an access point that wasn’t available before,” says Tess Taylor, president of the National Association of Record Industry Professionals (NARIP) and creator of the series. “We’re thrilled with the success of these sessions in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Berlin, as are participants. This broadens the access to music, access that might otherwise not exist. We look forward to bringing these sessions to London.”

NARIP’s Music Supervisor Sessions diversify potential usage of music and level the playing field for people who may not yet have enormous market presence or music catalogs. This is valuable for diversity, for the public, for business and above all for music.

Get more details for ALL sessions and register NOW at

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