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Music Business Worldwide: What Netflix's 'Choose-Your-Own-Soundtrack' Paradigm Reveals A

"What if you could choose the soundtrack to your favorite film or TV show? Or what if a movie on a streaming service could personalize its soundtrack algorithmically to your tastes – and monitor your consumption behavior to inform future curation?

Netflix hints at this possible, automated future in its new choose-your-own-adventure film Bandersnatch, released on December 28 as part of the Black Mirror franchise. The film follows video-game programmer Stefan Butler as he struggles to build the eponymous computer game from scratch for fictional game company Tuckersoft, grappling with parental relationships and his own mental health along the way.

Every so often, viewers of Bandersnatch are presented with binary choices as to what Stefan should do next. The choices culminate in a total of five possible endings to the film – each with several different pathways to getting there, distributed across over five hours of total footage."

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