Anton Monsted At The Guild Of Music Supervisors State of Music in Media - Emerson LA

GMS INTERVIEW SERIES- Anton Monsted, Senior Vice President of Music at 20th Century Fox discusses working with longtime collaborator Baz Luhrmann, his experience working on films like Romeo + Juliet and The Great Gatsby, and the reason he left the filmmaking side of music supervision to work at Fox with Jonathan McHugh at the Guild Of Music Supervisors State Of Music in Media Conference 2015 recently held at the Emerson LA college campus (in conjunction with Emerson and Berklee College Of Music).

Click below for this insightful conversation!

The Guild Music Supervisors State of Music in Media Conference was held at Emerson LA where he was in attendance to participate in the “Connecting the Dots: The Media Music Process” panel. Music provided by Malcolm Kirby, Jr.

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