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South by Southwest 2013 is featuring some amazing events in the world of music supervision and licensing! If you’re in Austin this week for the festivities, make sure you’re at the following events. You might even catch a few GMS members on the panels!

Inside the Music Supervisors’ Brain: Case Studies Wednesday March 13 3:30pm – 4:30pm Austin Convention Center, Artist Central in Ballroom E

Moderator: Jon Bartlett Speakers: Michael Hill, Andrea Von Foerster

Take a unique look into the process of how music supervisors make decisions related to music placements in film and television. Three music supervisors will be paired with an artist, and together they present a short piece that they have worked on beforehand, synched to picture. Each supervisor/artist pair will discuss the process of how the music came about: what musical direction was given to the artist, how the process worked back and forth, why certain musical decisions were made, and how effective the final musical piece is in enhancing the picture. We will also look at previous projects from the supervisors, and let them explain how they came to different musical choices in their work.

Music Supervisor Pitch Sessions

Music Licensing Pitch Sessions offer all registrants and artists direct feedback from licensing, sync, and music supervision experts. Get a glimpse at the viability of licensing your music for different genres of film, TV, commercials and more. Submit your song, tell us what you think it could be used in, and you’ll receive honest feedback from our panel.

This year, we can accept digital submissions for these sessions. You must send a direct link to your hosted track (ie, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, etc.); DO NOT email attached MP3s! Links for Music Licensing Pitch Sessions can go to Physical CDs will also be accepted at the door.

You must be present to have your music in the running to be heard!

Session 1 Wednesday March 13 2:00pm – 3:00pm Austin Convention Center, Artist Central in Ballroom E Presenters: Amanda Shoffner, Danny Zook

Session 2 Thursday March 14 2:00pm – 3:00pm Austin Convention Center, Artist Central in Ballroom E Presenters: Alicen Schneider, Joel C. High, Mike Boris

Session 3 Friday March 15 12:30pm – 1:30pm Austin Convention Center, Artist Central in Ballroom E Presenters: Danny Zook, Michele Wernick, Josh Marcy

Level Up: The Future of Music in Gaming Thursday March 14 2:00pm – 3:00pm Austin Convention Center, Room 17B

Moderator: Kyle Hopkins Speakers: Matt Riley, Kristy Gibson, Raphaella Lima, Bill Elm

Music in videogames is now more vibrant than ever. As mobile gaming grows and console games diversify, game developers’ musical needs continue to evolve in exciting ways. Hear from artists, music supervisors, and indie and major labels and publishers as they discuss music sync, originally composed works, and originally commissioned remixes for videogames.

Pub Crawl: Indie Music Publishing in 2013 Thursday March 14 5:00pm – 6:00pm Austin Convention Center, Room 17A

Moderator: Steven Scharf Speakers: Richard Stumpf, Amy Eligh, Alisa Coleman, Sam Kling, Adam Wolf

Influential indie music publishers discuss the state of music licensing, artist development and publishing deals in 2013.

Songwriting for the Screen Friday March 15 11:00am – 12:00pm Austin Convention Center, Room 17A

Moderator: Amanda Krieg Speakers: Daniel Higbee, Chris Mollere, Josh Collum, Amy Stroup

From montages to key scenes, main titles to end titles, original songs are written for film and television regularly, both by skilled songwriters and popular artists. The ability to capture the essence of a film (or moment) without telling too much, however, is a delicate art, making writing to picture one of the trickiest tasks for any musician. How do musicians and music supervisors approach this process today, and what do you need to know to create a track that’s just right?

Live Music Supervision Session: Anatomy of a Scene Friday March 15 2:00pm – 3:00pm Austin Convention Center, Room 17A

Moderator: Rebecca Rienks Speakers: Scott Cresto, Rachel Levy, Tyson McShane, Lysandra Woods

Selecting the perfect song to soundtrack a moment in a film, TV show or ad goes much farther than simply making a mixtape of pitched potentials. The winning track is at the center of a complex Venn diagram reflecting the overlap of resources, creative concerns and budget. Watch a live music supervision session unfold as 4 film/TV music supervisors discuss their process for culling, pitching or creating songs for a single identical scene. Three participants (licensing rep, publisher & artist) will each present a video demo to a studio music exec – their top song pick edited to the same film clip. Hear real time commentary on the original songs written for this select scene, and the complex vetting process involved.

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