• Stars of “A Most Wanted Man” Discuss Director Anton Corbijn

    In a recently published interview, stars of the upcoming film “A Most Wanted Man” speak about working with director Anton Corbijn. Rachel McAdams, Willem Defoe, and the late actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman discuss the respect and admiration they have for the Dutch director, explaining their trust…

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  • You wont be able to get this indie track out of your head

    The songs on Boyhood soundtrack are recognizable indie rock hits from the past 12 years, but the final song, and the one used in the trailer, seems kind of fresh and new.  Music supe’d by Randall Barbour. The trailer features the 2012 song, “Hero”, from Family of the Year’s second…

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  • “Wild” Trailer Sound Blows Audience Away

      The upcoming movie “Wild“ based on a true memoir told by Cheryl Strayed is already wowing audiences with its impressive trailer. Featuring star Reese Witherspoon and set to the score of Beck’s “Turn Away“, the trailer inspires contemplative emotion as it follows Cheryl’s 1,100 mile…

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