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PLEASE NOTE: It may take 30 - 60 days for your application to go through the Membership Committee review process.

Thank you in advance for your patience.


Welcome songwriters, music producers, musicians, library owners, music publishers! While NOT a form of GMS Membership, becoming a Friend of the Guild is a opportunity to connect with music supervisors, attend events, receive our informative monthly newsletter, and get involved with the Guild. Becoming a Friend of the Guild is your ONLY option for connecting with GMS if you are primarily involved in the following fields:

  • Students / Active Military (discounted rate available, upload documents here for discount)

  • Artists, Songwriters, Musicians

  • DJs

  • Musician Contractors

  • Artist Managers

  • Agents

  • Music Creators

  • Engineers

  • Studio Managers

  • Musician Contractors

  • Licensing Catalog Staff (e.g. Publishers, Record Labels, Third-Party Pitching Companies) who do not have any Music Supervision credits and/or experience.

  • Independent “Song Pluggers” who do not have any Music Supervision (as defined here) credits and/or experience.


  • Invitations to GMS social events in Los Angeles (we average 6 to 10 per year).

  • Invitation to GMS social events in local chapters (NYC, Canada, UK and growing).

  • Invitations and discounted admission to educational events, including our annual ‘State of Music in Media’ Conference.

  • Early Bird ticket opportunities for the annual GMS Awards and GMS Conference, providing an even deeper discount.

  • Subscription to our GMS Monthly Newsletter.

  • Opportunity to volunteer and participate in Guild events.

Fee: $100 per year

Full Time Students and Military: $50 per year**

**If you are a student or in the military, please contact with your request.

Membership Guidelines:

  • The Guild of Music Supervisors reserves the right to deny applications or revoke membership status at any time.

  • Official Guild communication channels shall not be abused. There will not be any inappropriate commercial solicitation through Guild communication channels.

  • No Guild material that has been distributed to members as confidential may be posted publicly, released or otherwise disseminated.



Once you have received a registration code you may login at the top of our website.



As a non-profit we rely on help from our industry colleagues. Should you be interested in supporting the Guild even further, please contact or visit our Sponsorship page for more information. Sponsorship with the Guild of Music Supervisors is an ideal avenue to market your company to the industry’s most influential people in media and music.


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