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PJ Bloom has cut his teeth as one of the most reputable names in music supervision. FromGlee to American Horror Story, Bloom has reserved his spot amongst the best in the biz, and he continues to trudge new ground in the entertainment industry as a whole.

Most recently, PJ has once again played the role of record executive, and Billboard has taken notice. Here’s an article featuring PJ’s latest breakthrough.

PJ is a perfect example of the immense talent that exists in the music supervision community – with “Say Something” marking the third top 10 single that’s emerged from Bloom’s Black Magnetic Recordings. Our roles in film are just a small representation of our abilities as a whole, and PJ Bloom represents a fine characterization of that fact.

While this is incredibly exciting for me and puts Black Magnetic on the map in a big way, I believe it’s an important step for Music Supervisors at large. It makes the undeniable statement that we have significant industry value and broad business skills well beyond synch. -PJ Bloom

The influence of a Music Supervisor extends far beyond the singular role of selection. The knowledge, network and most importantly the talent that is present in this community possesses a creative impact with unlimited capacity. Our importance to the industry represents a potential of which the surface has only been scratched, and supes like Bloom are helping industry giants such as Epic Records realize the benefits of seeking partnership with Music Supervisors.

I encourage more Music Supervisors to take on the content ownership role and use their vast industry knowledge and relationships to help writers and artists have a global voice.” – Bloom

This article was featured in the latest issue of Billboard, and the online version is available through subscription at this link:

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