January 24, 2012

Guild of Music Supervision Awards

2011 Nominees


Jason Alexander / Rudy Chung (Hit The Ground Running)
Ringer (CBS)
CSI: Crime Scene investigation


Paul F. Antonelli
Days Of Our Lives (NBC)


Manish Raval, Tom Wolfe, Jonathan Leahy (Aperture Music)
 Community (NBC)
Raising Hope (Fox)
Happy Endings (ABC)
New Girl (Fox)
Girls (HBO)


PJ Bloom
Glee (FOX)
American Horror Story (FX Network)
CSI Miami (CBS)
United States of Tara (Showtime)
Fallen Skies (TNT)


Gary Calamar
Death Valley (MTV) (with Alyson Vidoli)
Dexter (Show...

January 12, 2012


Courtesy of Variety.com >>

With all the criticism that the Academy music branch gets, the one thing that everyone can agree on is this: They follow their own very strict rules.


However, a variety of observers say that maybe the rules themselves need modification — especially when it comes to “adapted scores,” which are no longer eligible under Academy’s mandate. Or “partial scores,” which never have been.


In the past few years, several acclaimed works that were not entirely “original” have been disqualified as “scores diluted...

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